Author: Abdul Rashid

Kulathupalli Work July 2006

Kulathupalli Work In kulathupalli the works were started for make new building as Madarasa. We already put some pictures for the functions. Down for more Pictures. Digging the soil.   Workers in the digging. Digging the Soil work Completed. Top view Of the Work.

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Crescent Meeting Discuss about Prevent from Soil Erosion

On Saturday 8th July Crescent Arts and Sports Club decided to hold a meeting at old OMA tuition Centre to discuss about Soil erosion in Thengapattanam. In Thengapattanam after Tsunami Sea looks different. Sea was come front of about totally 12m so the beach area looks Unbeautiful. In Sea shore there are some People live…

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KulathuPalli Madarasa Was Broken Down

Kulathupalli was situated in Thoppu, Thengapattanam. Near it was a Islamic School (Madarasa) called  Kulathupalli Madarasa. To renew that Building as New Masjid and New Madarasa at that place, Thengapattanam jamaath decided to broke down the old buildings and found a new building. Last Week the works are started it was now completely destroyed. On…

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