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Functions of Wakf Board

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The various functions of Wakf Board are listed below: 

(i) To maintain a record containing information relating to the origin, income object and beneficiaries of every Wakf. 

(ii) To ensure that the income and other properties of the Wakfs are applied to the objects and for the purposes for which such Wakfs were created or intended.

(iii) To give directions for the administration of the Wakf. 

(iv) To settle scheme of management for Wakfs. 

(v) To scrutinize and approve the Budget submitted by Muthawallis and to arrange for the auditing of the accounts of the Wakfs. 

(vi)To appoint and remove Muthawallis in accordance with the provisions of the Wakf Act.

(vii)To take measures for the recovery of the lost properties of Wakfs. 

(viii)To institute and defend suits and proceedings in a Court of law relating to Wakfs, and their properties. 

(ix) To sanction sale, lease, mortgage or exchange of Wakf properties according to the provisions of the Wakf Act 1995. 

(x) To administer the Wakf fund. 

(xi) To call for such returns, statistics, accounts and other information from Muthawallis with respect to the Wakf properties as the Board may require from time to time. 

(xii)To inspect or cause inspection of Wakf properties, accounts or records or deeds and documents relating thereto; 

(xiii)To investigate and determine the nature and extent of Wakfs and Wakf properties and to cause, whenever necessary, survey of Wakf properties; 

(xiv)To do generally all such acts as may be necessary for the due control, maintenance and administration of Wakfs. 


Apart from the above, the Board is implementing certain schemes for the needy Wakf institutions such as: 

(i) Scheme for the repair and renovation of Wakf Properties and scheme for construction of compound Wall / barbed wire fencing around burial grounds.

(ii) Sanctioning Ulema Pension. 

(iii)Payment of maintenance amount as per muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act 1986.


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