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Rice [Raw rice(Pachari) / Doppi / Idli Rice) ] - 1 cup

Sugar - 3/4 cup

Coconut Milk - Strained from 1 full sized grated Coconut

Egg - 1

Cardamom - 6 or 7 pieces

Ghee/ Oil - As required

Salt - A Pinch


 Start with grinding the rice with required amount of water to make it into a fine paste.

Also Powder the sugar with cardamom and keep it aside( Cardamom could also be used separately).

Blend Grated Coconut in a blender with little amount of water and strain it using a strainer as shown below.

Repeat the process once again to get Stained coconut milk which is thinner in consistency compared to the previously taken milk.

 Here is an image giving you a clear idea of strained milk, grinded rice and powdered sugar.

 Pour the coconut milk with Rice paste as shown.

 Add one beaten egg to this mixture.

 Then slowly add the powdered sugar and mix it well.

 Now the final mixture is ready and pour it onto a ghee/oil brushed pan for steaming.

 Steam it till it gets cooked.

 Once the kinnathappam is cooked it would look like a white coloured flan.

 Carefully cut it with knife and place it on a plate to serve hot or cold.

 The soft, creamy and mouth watering kinnathappam is ready to eat!!

 Credits: Fathima Vaasi and ThouheethaRashid

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