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PAALAADA is one of the Special recipe in thengapattanam region. Its a kerala origin food.



    Raw rice - 1 cup

    Egg - 2 nos

    Coconut milk - 2 cups (Extracted from ½ coconut)

    Salt - to taste


  • Wash and soak rice for at least 30 minutes.

  • Grind rice to a very fine batter with half a cup of water.

  • To the batter add 2 eggs and grind it to get it thoroughly mixed.

  • Now add 2 cups of coconut milk and salt to taste.

  • Filter the batter using a fine sieve.

  • Heat a flat pan. Pour a handful of batter and swirl the pan to form a thin lacy layer.

  • Cook open. Loosen the edges carefully and serve.


Palaadai Preparation Method in video and Photo

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