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Rice [Raw rice(Pachari) / Doppi / Idli Rice) ] - 1 cup

Sugar - 3/4 cup

Coconut Milk - Strained from 1 full sized grated Coconut

Egg - 1

Cardamom - 6 or 7 pieces

Ghee/ Oil - As required

Salt - A Pinch


Palaada Apam Preparation

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Paalaada / paalada / paladaa or rice appam or thinnest appam what ever we say it is a kind of appam variety which is coomonly found in thengapattanam region. Peoples may not able to get it from all other hotel, it is based on home food. May be it comes from other kerala recipes, but may not available in all regions of kerala.

Actually there is a mily paayasam like food arround kerala region called paalaada, but this is thengapattanam's special palaada.

We start to spell it palaada / palaadai (In Local slang).

He is how is is prepared.

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Method 1:

My Umma (Mother) taught me this.



  • For 1kg Patchari (Raw Rice) - 1 Large Coconut (or) 2 Small Coconut.
  • Alternatively Coconut milk - 4 small cups (Extracted from  1 Large Coconut (or) 2 Small Coconut ).
  • 3 Eggs


  1. Get Coconut Milk from Coconut power. Separately.
  2. Powder the Raw Rice (Patcharisi) and mix with 3 Eggs. Separately.
  3. Mix the Coconut Milk and Egg Rice Content together.
  4. Stirr well then use the Salt as per your need.
If you follow the same quantity as per method one, you will get upto 50 Paalada.
Here is Pics Taken from Mariyams.

Palaada Thengapattanam Recipe


Fully Mixtured Palaada Content ready to be prepared.




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PAALAADA is one of the Special recipe in thengapattanam region. Its a kerala origin food.



    Raw rice - 1 cup

    Egg - 2 nos

    Coconut milk - 2 cups (Extracted from ½ coconut)

    Salt - to taste


  • Wash and soak rice for at least 30 minutes.

  • Grind rice to a very fine batter with half a cup of water.

  • To the batter add 2 eggs and grind it to get it thoroughly mixed.

  • Now add 2 cups of coconut milk and salt to taste.

  • Filter the batter using a fine sieve.

  • Heat a flat pan. Pour a handful of batter and swirl the pan to form a thin lacy layer.

  • Cook open. Loosen the edges carefully and serve.


Palaadai Preparation Method in video and Photo