Thengapattanam Jamaath History

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(This article need modification, this is not the full story.if u have then please Share with us)

In 1990's thengapattanam was a proudful destination for islamic cultural developments. In the time of 1952 some of Thengapattanam members and wellwishers formed Muslim Muhalla Paripalana Committee by the leading of Janab. Adv. Sulthan Mydheen and Ex Thasildar Janab Abdul Samad.

That M.M.P Committee had formed 41 members followed the hadhees of prophet. Moreover that M.M.P.C executive commitee made the bye-law with the permission of general body of thengapattanam.

They managed the "Walefs" to collect the incomes and maintained 3 mosques. After 1952, Mohammed Kannu Haajiyar builded Rifai mosque at Bus Stand (which place known as andikadai). There was no no bus stand in 1960's.

After 1960 Haaji. S.M builded a mosque,which was called muhaidheen mosque at seashore side. In 1980's another general body meeting held, who passed the rules and regulations, M.M.P.C continued some other members. They continued to 1980 to 1983. After 1994 a new committee formed due to riot with fisherman's community.

That M.M.P.committee continued to maintained the management. The Name M.M.P.C is changed to muslim jamaath thengapattanam.

A Very difficult situation thengapattanam General Body wants to a change in this management due to unwanted issues. So people of Thengapattanam automatically gather the mars petition to submit the muslim Jamaath to meet the general body. But no response from the Jamaath.

So after very big consideration, the petition gather the peoples to conduct a general body meeting. People of general body agreed to a Adhock comittee (Interim comittee) which was head by Haaji.A Farooq with 6 members. Moreover that above general body permit to audit the 13 years accounts of last (previous) committee and conduct the jamaath election with some time.

After all that  the Interim committee announces the election of jamaath. Already the interim committee split the area to 15 wards. Two panels participated the jamaath elections in the 15 wards. ! panel headed by Haaji. Syed Mohamed and Haaji. A. Farooq, another 1 panel headed by S.M Liyakath in the elections.

On Nov 1 2009 election held in 15 wards. The panel of Haaji Syed Mohammed and Haaji. A .Farooq won 14 wards and 1 candidate won second panel. The new jamaath committee formed by 15 members. The new committee nominated 6 members totally 21 members now managing the jamaath commitee With the grace of ALLAH (Alhamdulillah).

Thengapattanam Jamaath Officials (pic taken on november,2009)

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