New Kulathupalli and Auditorium Opening pics

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The program initiated with duff, infront of valiyapalli (time: 3:15pm)


Volunteers and koya team


Poovar duff team boys in action


Thengapattanam peoples waiting infront of new kulathupalli


Old valiyapalli Imam (time: 4:10 pm)


Peoples inside new kulathupalli hearing intro speech


Glooming kulathupalli


Kulathupalli imam addressing speech


Peoples waiting infront of Auditorium to open.


more peoples ...



Fakhrudheen koya thangal deliver a speech infront of auditorium before it opens. (time 7:30 Pm)


Kavikko abdul rahman (on the way)


Opening of auditorium

Thengai sarafutheen (with violet shawl) inside new kulathupalli


Kavikko praying inside new kulathupalli. (escorts in both side also praying)


Fakhrudheen koya thangal initiates the program by delivering introduction speech. (time: 7:45)


Al hafiz. Yousuf Musliyar


Peoples watching the program.


Due to over crowded, there is not enough places to sit.


Thengai sarabutheen delivering a speech with a new kavithai


A.V Bellarmin, John jacob, Assayed basheer ali shihab thangal (panakkad)


Kavikko abdul rahman (centre).


Awarded: Azeem irshad father (top scorer in +2)


Money for Poor womens marriage.



Mr. Akbar ali deliver the ending Speech. (time:9:40 pm)


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