Crescent Meeting Discuss about Prevent from Soil Erosion

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On Saturday 8th July Crescent Arts and Sports Club decided to hold a meeting at old OMA tuition Centre to discuss about Soil erosion in Thengapattanam.

In Thengapattanam after Tsunami Sea looks different. Sea was come front of about totally 12m so the beach area looks Unbeautiful. In Sea shore there are some People live in huts and in small houses. By the strong waves after Tsunami the sea water come inside in some houses. But there is stones in the sea shore. By the strong waves the Big stones are Changes into Small Stones. So the sea area Peoples afraid of living in Sea shore.

Thengapattanam Jamaath meets collector (Sunil Palivaal) for this problem. Then Collector came to Thengapattanam and see the beach. He declared 60 lakhs to put stone on sea side. But the work started from Enayam Puthanthurai. So strong waves attacked the sea shore of Thengapattanam and the soil are eroded. So sea water easily enters Thengapattanam.

By this meeting the Thengapattanam jamaath important persons decided what to do for soil erosion. Crescent members and some important persons attend this meeting. They decided to make a 10 members gang as Poratta kuzhu and held a pasting programme on 17th of this month on bus stand.

After meeting started.


V. Maideen (ADMK) - Left side


Peoples for Meeting.

At the end of the Meetiing crescent president R. Mursal tells result of the meeting.

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