KulathuPalli Madarasa Was Broken Down

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Kulathupalli was situated in Thoppu, Thengapattanam. Near it was a Islamic School (Madarasa) called  Kulathupalli Madarasa. To renew that Building as New Masjid and New Madarasa at that place, Thengapattanam jamaath decided to broke down the old buildings and found a new building. Last Week the works are started it was now completely destroyed.

On 29-06-06 the first stone was put under soil and it was the first stone for the upcoming building. Thengapattanam peoples are came at 8'O Clock and the functions started. After the functions sweets are give to peoples those who attend the Function.

This was the old Madarasa on Thoppu.


This was the complete view of Madarasa.


After it was broken.


Bull Dozer on work.


Madarasa Students.


Putting First Stone Under Soil.


Peoples for Function.

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